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Fed's Evans: Until cost pressures lead to inflation, I'm happy to wait and see

  • Economy in the first quarter is looking stronger than it did in December
  • Inflation is a bit lower than I would like it to be
  • Looking for U.S. GDP growth of 1.75%-2.00% this year
  • Fundamentals continue to be quite good
  • The unemployment rate is likely to go sideways or down a little bit
  • What is concerning me is that inflation is not hitting 2%
  • I'm quite comfortable with everything we did on rates
  • We can continue to probe wage growth
  • Happy to be data-dependent and see how things play out
  • I can see the funds rate being unchanged into the fall Of 2020
  • A recession would be unexpected
  • We have less capacity to cut rates if we get into a downturn 

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