Binary Options

Binary options make it possible to buy or sell underlying assets at the predefined price at a certain time or period. If a correct forecast is realized a trader is lucky to earn a good profit. However, when the forecast fails, the loss will equal the amount the trader has invested.

Binary Options Benefits
  • Easy to trade

    With binary options, the buy solution presupposes one of two alternatives of how the financial instrument price will behave next: “it goes up or down the established target level (strike price)”; “it stays within the specified range or goes outside it” during the particular period.

  • High yield

    Making high profits are absolutely possible during the very brief time periods, like a couple of minutes, for instance, with the price change in one pip only.

  • Full risk control

    A trader already knows the amount of the potential profit prior to initiating the trade. An option related risk is limited to the invested amount a trader has determined for such a transaction.

  • Freedom and trading discipline

    With a new transaction, a trader is always aware of its being closed on the option expiry and that all settlements will be performed at that time. This is a real lifesaving jacket for traders who are unable to strictly follow the trading discipline.

Binary Options Benefits:

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