• 50% Bonus

    50% Bonus on First Deposit

    You will have 50% of amount* deposited at the first-time funding of your trading account.

    The bonus allows to increase the trading profitability with the investments remaining unchanged.

    In addition, you, as an active trader, can transform it into the real funds on your Trading account balance*.

    The bonus is accrued on depositing amount totaling USD 100 and more.

    * – For more information on terms of bonus crediting to the trading account balance, please refer to Legal Documents.

  • Security Deposit

    The Bonus can be granted to the holder of the Standard account only, who has been successfully verified on the Personal Login Page.

    The security bonus may vary from 50% up to 100% of the amount the client has deposited. At that, the Company reserves the right to independently make decisions on the bonus size to be given.

    The bonus is not subject to withdrawal and is used for trading purposes only.

    The bonus has a limited period of availability and can maintain the required drawdown level until the client tops up the Trading account.

    If the client fails to add funds to the Trading account within two (2) days starting the time of charging in the security bonus, the bonus amount and profits acquired from its use will be canceled.

    After the client credits the funds to the trading account, the security bonus provided makes void. However, profits acquired from it can be further utilized for trading.

    The Company may cancel the security bonus at any time if the terms and conditions of the bonus use are breached.

    The Company also has a right to deny the bonus provision without disclosing the reason.

    What to do receive the Bonus:

    1. Send a relevant request from the “Questions” section on your Personal Login Page to the client support department. Before doing this, make sure your trading account is VIP Standard and you have been successfully verified on your Personal Login Page. There may be external circumstances that prevent from topping up the account balance on time.
    2. Then confirm the bonus carrying-in in the “Bonus” section on your Personal Login Page.
    3. Add funds to your account balance at least two (2) days after the bonus is charged and trading operations continue.
  • CashBack

    CashBack extends to VIP Standard accounts.

    CashBack is charged to the client’s own facilities, which are available at the end of the month excluding the facilities that have been added within such a month. However, the CashBack is also accrued onto the profits acquired at the end of the month as well as on the profits gained for an incomplete settlement month.

    Let’s take an example: total funds at the end of the month (including all the results from the open and closed trades and bonuses) make up $130,000 as follows: Bonuses amount to $5,000; profits acquired by the client during the month are $10,000; facilities the client has added to the trading account within the month make up $30,000. Suppose that the client has traded over 110 lots during the month, which means $1900 (+2% of $95,000) will be charged to the trading account at the start of the next month. The CashBack is not applied for $5,000 bonuses and $30,000 that have additionally be added to the trading account during the month.

    To get the CashBack, the client should maintain a required minimum level of trading activity and the amount of the traded lots should be no less than the amount of facilities available at the start of the settlement month.

    The client profile should be verified to participate in the campaign.

    Trading on Forex instruments and metal CFDs is accounted for the CashBack.

    The CashBack facilities can be withdrawn at any time and with no restrictions.

    The period of availability is unlimited.

    The Company may deny the CashBack provision without disclosing the reason.

    The Company reserves the right to request extra information from the client for verification purposes.

    The following is not used to calculate the total volume of closed positions:

    • — deleted and canceled pending orders
    • — trades executed based on non-market quotes due to the technical or software failures
    • — synthetic locks
    • — trades falling below the MTP

    The MTP is a minimum level the price should go through after the transaction is opened, i.e. it is the difference between the open and close price. The MTP is measured in points and makes up 2 spreads for each currency pair.

    The Company can modify the campaign conditions at any time and notify the clients about such modification in due order.

    What to do receive the CashBack:

    1. Top up the account balance (at least $10,000).
    2. Send a request to the client support department for status upgrade via the “Questions” section on your Personal Login Page.
    3. Ensure the required monthly volume of trades.

    You can receive up to 31,8% per annum of free funds available on your trading account monthly.

  • 100% Bonus

    The bonus is accrued on each deposit, which is equal to or greater than $500.

    The bonus is charged onto your trading account balance and has a limited period of availability. It can be used only as a margin and not for drawdown purposes. Please refer to the “Bonuses” section on the Personal Login Page to know how many lots should be traded to fulfill bonus conditions.

    The campaign extends to the Standard accounts only.

    To receive the bonus, you are free to make as many deposits as you wish.

    The bonus is not subject to withdrawal (it can be used for trading only and requires the fulfillment of relevant conditions) and cannot exceed $3,000 per an account.

    If a client is suspected of fraudulent transactions, the Company has a right to cancel the bonus without disclosing the reason.

    If a client withdraws funds that have been added to the account to receive the bonus, the Company can deny the bonus provision.

    Let’s take an example of how to fulfill the bonus conditions:

    Deposit amount is $550. The bonus is 100%. The 100% bonus makes up $550. The required number of lots to be traded is $550/3=183.

    What to do receive the Bonus:

    1. Top up the account balance.
    2. Request and confirm the 100% bonus receipt.
    3. Ensure the required volume of trades.
    4. After all the above conditions are fulfilled the bonus can be transformed into real money.

Today, trading on the Forex market is a perfect chance to greatly enhance your assets, acquire new knowledge, and go with the times! In the contemporary environment, Forex trading is spinning up and drawing the interest of increasing number of people. To ensure successful and profitable operations, most favorable conditions are needed for a client to feel comfortable, at ease, and motivated to celebrate ground-breaking achievements. Forex Optimum is an official broker that provides good and encouraging conditions for online trading, vast range of trading instruments, and many other compelling benefits. The Company offers perfect environment for both novices and professional traders.

Along with a broad scope of opportunities, we are happy to offer a comprehensive bonus program for all our clients! A bonus selection directly depends on a type of your account. Each bonus is client-oriented and is appealing in its own way. We are sure that each bonus we offer will lead you to success step by step.

For instance, a client receives a 30% bonus for each $100 depositing of the trading account. With this 30% bonus, a client has a perfect chance to increase the trading profitability with the investments remaining unchanged. The key advantage is an opportunity to transform bonus funds into real money on the trading account balance if all the necessary requirements are met.

Clients who have Standard accounts can make use of a 100% bonus. Despite the bonus being used to increase the margin only, it allows to gain more profits as well. This is a good option to double your chances!

Forex Optimum offers clients who trade on Forex instruments and metal CFDs to participate in the CashBack campaign. You can receive up to 31,8% per annum of free funds available on your trading account monthly!

With the drawdown, a client often has no opportunity or time to top up the trading account. In this force majeure situation, the Company grants a chance to use the Security deposit. The security bonus provided may vary from 50% up to 100% of the amount the client has deposited. The bonus is not subject to withdrawal and is used to increase the margin.

Forex Optimum team is sure that increasing of bonus facilities will enable both beginners and professional traders to outperform on the foreign exchange market! You are welcome to learn about all the services offered in detail and choose the bonus, which will help you gain the success and independence!

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