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Installation guide
  • Step 1. Downloading PlayOnMac

    Refer to the Download page on official website and click the link to download the latest version.

  • Step 2. Opening a DMG package

    After the DMG package is downloaded, launch it from Downloads folder of your system.

  • Step 3. Installation window

    PlayOnMac first launch window will appear. After clicking the ‘Next’ button the installer starts checking and installing various components required for operation.

  • Step 4. Installing XQuartz

    XQuartz is the first component required. This is a software for using X Window System in the Mac OS. X Window System provides standard tools and protocols to form graphical user interface in Unix-like OS.

  • Step 5. Installing XQuartz

    If you have already installed XQuartz or want to install it later, select “Don't install XQuartz for the moment” or “I’ve downloaded file by myself", respectively. XQuartz is installed in several steps. Fist, read the essential information (Read Me) and accept the License agreement.

  • Step 6. Entering account password

    The Mac OS security system will ask to enter your account password prior to the installation process.

  • Step 7. Completing XQuartz installation

    Wait for the installation process to complete. Restart you PC for changes to take effect.

  • Step 8. Launching PlayOnMac

    Relaunch PlayOnMac from the setup file in Downloads folder after the system restart. The first launch window will appear again. This time, the installer will offer to install MS Windows fonts required to ensure correct operation.

  • Step 9. Accepting License agreement

    Accept the License agreement conditions and wait for the installation process to be completed. After PlayOnMac is ready for use, its main window will appear.

  • Updating Wine: Step 1.

    To upgrade Wine to the latest version, open PlayOnMac upper menu and select Manage Wine Versions.

  • Updating Wine: Step 2.

    The window with Wine versions available for installation will open then. Select the latest version (1.5.21, now).

  • Updating Wine: Step 3.

    Move the latest Wine version to the right side of the window. The installation will start. After the installation is complete, the new Wine version appears in the left part of PlayOnMac Wine versions manager window. You can then close the window and install the trading terminal.

  • Trading terminal installation: Step 1.

    Download the MetaTrader installer to install the terminal. After the download is completed, launch the setup file. PlayOnMac will automatically open it.

  • Trading terminal installation: Step 2.

    The standard terminal installation process with all its stages will start then.

  • Trading terminal installation: Step 3.

    When the installation is completed, PlayOnMac will offer you to create shortcuts for the client terminal, MetaEditor, and MetaTester.

  • Trading terminal installation: Step 4.

    After the required shortcuts are created, you can start using the trading terminal. Double click on the terminal in PlayOnMac window to launch it.

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